Three aspects of the performance of high-pressure cleaning machine can not be ignored


The first link: the scientific purchase of products suitable for their needs is the basis.

No matter whether we are a company or an individual, when buying a high-pressure cleaner, according to their own financial budget, choose the most suitable for their needs of machinery and equipment, not to blindly pursue high standards, and not blindly greedy for cheap prices. To put their own needs in the first place. To first investigate and understand the various types of cleaning equipment on the market, to compare. For example, among the high-pressure cleaner series, there are models that use cold water, models that use hot water, models driven by electric motors, models driven by gasoline engines, and models driven by diesel engines, etc.. We have to choose the most suitable for their use. If you are not cleaning oil-like objects, there is no need to buy hot water type equipment, because this equipment adds more heating system components hot water boiler. If you do not use it for a long time, it will age and rust, which is not only a waste of money, but also not good for keeping the good performance of the equipment. Therefore, the purchase of cold water type of cleaning machine will be fine. Also according to the characteristics of the nature of the target to be cleaned, choose the appropriate pressure parameters of the high-pressure pump. If you need the rated pressure of 50 MPa, do not buy the rated pressure of 30 MPa, otherwise, cleaning will cause overload operation, cleaning efficiency is not high, is not conducive to maintaining the good performance of the cleaning machine. Only the scientific purchase of the most suitable for their use is the basis for maintaining its good performance.

The second link: the correct operation and use can prevent failure, maintain good performance for a long time and play the maximum role of the equipment.

As we know, high-pressure pumps have two parameters of maximum pressure and rated pressure, we should usually operate under rated pressure when operating, it is not recommended to operate under the maximum pressure. Even if the temporary need to run under the maximum pressure, do not exceed 30 minutes. This will help to maintain the good performance of the cleaning machine. To follow the operating steps and precautions listed in the product manual, do not violate the prescribed order, and in operation and use at any time to monitor the data displayed on the instrument, such as pressure gauge, oil gauge, etc., to maintain the operation within the specified parameters.

The third link: serious maintenance is the guarantee to maintaining good performance and extending the service life of the equipment.

Maintenance is divided into two kinds of routine maintenance and regular maintenance. Routine maintenance includes: to check whether the lubricant is sufficient before starting the machine, to check whether each connected parts are connected tightly and to check whether the filter is clean and so on. After the completion of high-pressure cleaning tasks, to discharge the residual water in the machine and equipment, wipe the machine clean, store the inlet and outlet pipes, the equipment is placed in a ventilated and dry place. Regular maintenance is also required, and the oil should be changed regularly. Usually after 200 hours of operation, replace the new oil to prevent the old oil from poor lubrication and wear the machine. Regularly check whether the seal is aging, and replace the new seal in time to maintain good sealing of the equipment.